About Us


Scott Ward is an International Code Council Certified Building Official with over  35 years experience with agriculture, cannabis, residential and commercial construction, building code administration, plan review and code enforcement. Working as a building official,  has provided Scott Ward a unique insider’s perspective and an in depth knowledge of the government agency side of the entitlement and building permit regulatory process. “It has been my experience that professional and complete submittal documents expedite the review and approval process” says Scott. 

As a long time resident of Mendocino County, Scott has an in depth knowledge of the cannabis industry.  Hoop houses, greenhouses, light deprivation and cannabis manufacturing are just some of the areas that Scott has helped clients obtain permits.

When making the decision to invest in a construction or development project, the contractor or developer requires good communication, certainty and consistency from government. Utilizing the services offered by Scott Ward will assist in achieving that goal.

If you are subject to code enforcement action, Scott Ward has the experience to address these issues with  creative solutions and provide productive representation with local officials.